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    HK Pregnancy Tester for Sheep and Goats

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    HK Pregnancy Tester for Sheep and Goats
    Price: £276.90

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    SKU Number: A17513
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  • Automatic shut-off
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    Price: £276.90


    The HK-Gestation Tester will provide the certainty needed for trouble-free breeding without unpleasant surprises (like pseudo-pregnancies, fertility disorders, etc.) and will help avoid cuts in economy due to non-pregnancy. The testing unit is available with external probe connected by means of a spiral cord.
  • Choose between battery or rechargeable battery operation
  • On and off by simple touch of a button
  • Specially sealed casing against humidity
  • Supplied with case for safe storage
  • Battery charger + 9 V rechargeable battery not included
    The pregnancy tester makes it possible to reliably detect pregnancy in ewes and goats with a test result accuracy of more than 90 % from 60 days on after the last insemination.
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